Krickenwood's History

Murray and Kim Rose-Jones
Murray and Kim Rose-Jones


has been in the Rose family since 1852, when Kim's 3x Great Grandfather (Charles Rose) moved into the Blackwood Area and started farming .  Kim's father, continued on with the family tradition of farming the same area of Wilgarrup,  where he farmed cattle and raised crops.  When Kim's father passed away the farm, Wilgarrup Grazing Company, as Krickenwood was called then, was split between Kim and his brother. Where now Kim will continue the Rose tradition of farming the Wilgarrup area.

Kim and Murray have been together for over a decade and got married in May 2018 and are now working hard to put their long made plans for Krickenwood  into action. 

Kim, an Artist, Musician and Organic Vegetable grower, with his husband Murray, who has worked in Media and the Food Industry for many years have combined their talents to open Krickenwood to the public. Whether it be for a party event or camping or Catering with the foodvan and selling processed Marron to the general public, these are just few of the areas that Krickenwood is looking at to bring quality farm produce to the general public.